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Press Play on Life with the Samsung Gear 360 Camera

Ever had a moment where you wished you could have an instant replay of your life? Your son catching his first pop-fly in T-ball. Your daughter getting her first soccer goal. Your baby’s first step. (Who are we kidding? Your baby’s first everything.)

With the Samsung Gear 360 camera, that’s exactly what you get. You can capture life’s moments in video or still photography from every angle and in stunning clarity — and then you can play it back in virtual reality, for yourself and anyone you want to share it with.

Here’s how the Samsung Gear 360 camera can turn life into movie magic.

Twice Is Nice
Dual 180-degree lenses allow you to film from every perspective in one take. When you’re ready to download to your device, the shots are stitched together to create one seamless view into your world, for both 360-degree videos and photos.

(Almost) Light as a Feather
Weighing less than a third of a pound, the Gear 360 camera is easy to take anywhere. With an updated, easy-to-hold design and a large record button, the camera is a cinch to operate with one hand. It’s also water resistant, so feel free to take it to the pool or on the boat — a little splash won’t ruin your new favorite toy.

Get Perspective
Choose from five viewing modes: 360, round-view (fish-eye lens), stretched, dual, and panoramic. Take a few shots in each mode to get a sense of what you can do creatively. The novelty of the fish-eye lens doesn’t wear off — especially when it makes every shot look like a music video.

Sharing Is Caring
It doesn’t matter if you are using Android or iOS, you can easily download and share your videos and photos. Preview and edit your experiences in the easy-to-use app before you share. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ you can share straight to Facebook or YouTube. You can also upload to the Samsung Gear VR to experience them in virtual reality — then share them with far-flung friends and family. Depending on your device and service region, you can even broadcast live.

Bonus: You can also keep filming while transferring files to your device. The long battery life (up to 130 minutes) allows for plenty of time to capture the moments without having to recharge every few minutes.

Step Inside
The ability to view your 360 experiences in virtual reality is a game changer. Whether you’re filming your kid’s football victory, your hike to the top of a mountain, or Christmas morning, you can step back in time and completely immerse yourself in the moment. And with the camera’s 4K video and 15MP photos, your videos will be clear, crisp, and brilliant.

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