The Quick Fix: RAC’s Product Service and Repair Benefit

RAC Kitchen stove

From washers and dryers to televisions and smartphones, sometimes even products from the world’s best brands need service or repair. Which is why Rent-A-Center has you covered anytime, all the time.

If your TV tunes out, your fridge breaks down, or your stove suddenly stops working — take a breath. Put away that toolbox, and turn off the how-to videos. RAC is ready to help with our product and service repair guarantee.

Here are three things to know about this great RAC benefit.

All Included
When you rent a product from RAC, we show you how to operate the item and use all of its features. Plus, we offer free same-day delivery and setup in most cases. But, we’re also here for you if something goes wrong. Your RAC lease agreement entitles you to product service and repairs at no additional charge, provided your agreement is in good standing. This means, we’ll fix squeaks, leaks, or malfunctions at your request. Simply give us a call to schedule service at your convenience.

Back-up Plan
Your washing machine wimped out, and you’re about to welcome out-of-town company. Now what? If your item stops working and requires off-site repair, RAC will provide a comparable loaner at no additional charge while we fix the original item.

If We Can’t Fix It, We’ll Replace It
Sometimes products break from a manufacturing defect. If that happens, and you’re up-to-date on your payments, we’ll fix or replace the item right away. You have enough to worry about, so we don’t want this to be one of them!

We want to make sure you’re enjoying your product to the fullest. If product services or repairs are ever needed, take comfort in knowing the customer service professionals at your nearest RAC are ready to step in and help.