Neat Ways to Make Father’s Day Memories

This Father’s Day, forgo the plaster handprint and make a fun memory with Dad instead. Here are a slew of activities kids and dads (and moms!) can do together to make the day truly special.

Start by considering what Dad likes to do in his free time. Base the day’s fun around Dad’s favorite hobby: Plant a garden, go fishing, play flag football, throw a softball, take a trip to the home improvement store, or head to the bowling alley. Dad will love sharing his passion with the kids, and they will love seeing part of his world. Or kids can turn the tables and give Dad a how-to lesson. They can teach him to play a game they learned in gym class, to master a favorite video game, to make a recent school art project, to do a dance or karate move.

Get creative juices going and build something from scratch together. Examples include making a model car from scrap wood, a spaceship out of Legos, a cardboard playhouse, a clay castle, a volcano, a picture frame, a sticker book, a special meal — the possibilities are endless! Or simply have fun. Go on a neighborhood scavenger hunt, collect and identify bugs, build a fort, play dress-up, go for a bike ride. Kids love having Dad act like one of them, and Dad will enjoy the feeling of being young again.

And finally, making the day about others can really spread the love. Kids and dads can spend time helping at a local soup kitchen, pet shelter, community garden, or other cause that is close to their hearts. Such activities take a little planning, so research the organization you want to join and call in advance to find out the best way to participate.

And, above all, have the best time!