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Operation Refresh: 7 House Cleaning Inspiration Tips

Operation Refresh: 7 House Cleaning Inspiration Tips

As the New Year approaches, many people find themselves contemplating resolutions and fresh starts. For some, this may involve setting goals for personal growth. For others, the focus may be on creating a more organized and harmonious living space. If you’re struggling to muster the motivation to clean, fear not! Here’s how to get motivated to clean when overwhelmed by mess and work towards the fresh start you deserve.

House Cleaning Inspiration Tips

Often, one of the hardest steps in decluttering and organizing your space is figuring out how to get energy to clean your home! You’re certainly not alone, and below are some of the best tips for mustering up the motivation to break free from clutter and channeling Marie Kondo.

Break the job into small, manageable pieces.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your home might not be cleaned in a day, either. Instead of stressing about all the work in front of you, start small. Make a list of each task you need to accomplish, and make them small and specific. For example, instead of “Clean bedroom,” you can break that down into “Declutter the dresser. Wash the bedding. Vacuum and dust. Organize the closet. Clean the primary bathroom. Fold and put away laundry.”

Big, vague tasks can make you feel overwhelmed, but simple, specific tasks can make you feel motivated and ready.

Don’t be afraid to toss things.

Before you even pull out the cleaning products, start decluttering by getting rid of everything you don’t need. If your closet is full to the brim, but you don’t wear half your sweaters, donate them. If your kitchen cabinets are bursting with takeout containers and tupperware lids, throw them out. Grab garbage bags and get real with yourself – the more you have in your home, the more you need to clean and organize. Toss the things that no longer “spark joy”!

Set aside a specific time each day for cleaning.

You don’t need to clear your calendar all weekend to get this stuff done. Instead, set aside time each day to tackle a few small, manageable tasks! Maybe you can do half an hour each day, or perhaps you only have 10 minutes to spare. Regardless, developing a cleaning routine and making a bit of progress each day can feel less overwhelming than trying to check everything off your list at once.

Blast your favorite music and make it fun!

Almost anything is enjoyable with the right soundtrack. Pop on your headphones or turn on your speakers and dance while you wash the dishes and vacuum the living room. If you’re not in a dancing mood, a good podcast can also make the time and work fly by.

Sometimes, getting motivation to declutter is as easy as tuning out the world.

Give yourself a challenge.

If you thrive when challenged, a timer can be a great motivator when figuring out how to start organizing a messy house. Pick a decluttering project and set a time limit. Challenge yourself to see if you can get it done – or how much of it you can get done – in that time frame. This can help keep you focused and energized, especially since you know it will be over quickly!

When in doubt, outsource.

Maybe you don’t have the time or ability to organize and clean your space. Perhaps you simply don’t want to – that’s valid too! There are plenty of ways to outsource these chores, whether you hire a house cleaning crew or enlist professional organizers to get your space tidy and efficient. The peace of mind that comes with having a calming, clean home is usually worth every penny.

Reward yourself.

Like a horse chasing a carrot on a string, we can accomplish anything when we know there’s something in it for us. While the big reward in the grand scheme of things is a fresh, happy home, it never hurts to reward the baby steps, too. Save that TV show for after your big pantry makeover. Take a hot bath once you’ve cleaned the garage. Treat yourself to your favorite meal after organizing your laundry room. In short, give yourself a little TLC once you’ve given your space the same love.

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