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Make This Father’s Day Craft: Rustic Wooden Heart

Make This Father’s Day Craft: Rustic Wooden Heart

There’s something so timeless about a father-child project. Gathering supplies, planning your day, and walking away with both a keepsake and a trove of memories – what could be better? This Father’s Day, carve out some time to create this simple, colorful rustic wood heart. It’s a perfect project for both big and little helping hands.

What you will need:

  • ¼-in.-thick piece of plywood or MDF project board, cut to a 18-in. square
  • Marker
  • 8-12 pieces of 20-in.-long reclaimed or painted wood
  • Fast-grab project adhesive
  • Sandpaper
  • Two screw eyes
  • 18-in. gauge wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Dowel or paintbrush handle
  • Jigsaw or chop saw (optional)

  • Use the marker to draw a heart on your project board. Don’t worry about symmetry, artistry, or perfection; just have fun.

  • Use a jigsaw or chop saw to trim away the corners of the project board, but leave 2 to 3 inches around the heart on all sides.

  • Gather the reclaimed or painted wood pieces you have selected for the project.

  • Flip the project board over and begin laying out the reclaimed wood pattern on the reverse side of the project board. Once you have the wood arranged exactly how you want it, coat the underside of each piece with the fast-grab project adhesive and press each one into place. You may wish to weigh down the pieces while they set to make sure they stay in place.


  • Once the glue has set per the manufacturer’s instructions, flip the entire piece over. Using the jigsaw, trim along the edges of the heart you drew earlier.

  • Smooth the cut edges with sandpaper, then twist in two screw eyes, spaced about 10 inches apart, on the top edge of the heart.

  • Cut a piece of wire approximately 30 inches long. Thread each end of the wire through one of the screw eyes and secure by twisting the wire back around itself a couple of times. Leave about 20 inches of wire between the screw eyes so that your piece hangs attractively.

  • Finish it off by bending the wire ends into spirals by curling them around a pencil or handle of a paint brush. If you want to get fancy, add beads or string to the wire ends before curling.

And there you have it: a cherished Father’s Day memory, ready to hang and inspire future DIY projects galore.

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