It’s Show Time with the Samsung 65” Curved 4K UHD LED Smart TV

Whether you’re a movie lover or a sports nut, your TV is key to a great entertainment experience. That’s why Samsung keeps refining the technology and features of its ultra-high definition (UHD) TVs.

One of its latest models is sure to be a crowd pleaser: Samsung 65” curved 4K UHD LED smart TV. It’s packed with everything you need for show-stopping entertainment.

Love Those Curves
This Samsung TV features a 65-inch curved screen. (Note: TV screens are measured diagonally.) This means your whole crew will be able to see the show, even if they’re in the back of the room, because a curved screen has a wider viewing angle than a “normal” TV.

Other benefits of a curved TV screen include:

  • 3D picture experience
  • Wider field of view
  • Richer contrast
  • Total immersion in what you’re watching

Although this can be mounted on a wall, because of its curves, you may prefer to place it on a TV stand.

Down to the Last Detail
Looking for a TV with images so clear you feel like they’re real? The 4K UHD in the name refers to the image resolution, which is so picture perfect at 3840×2160 that you’ll see images down to the last detail.

This Samsung TV also has a refresh rate — in other words, how quickly the TV can change an image — of 60Hz. The refresh rate is important for action sequences, like car chases or big games.

Smart Choice
What makes a TV smart? The Samsung 65” curved 4K UHD LED smart TV has built-in Wi-Fi so it can connect to the Internet to unleash a host of apps and programs.

Whether you’re up for a movie marathon or an afternoon of gaming, the Samsung 65” curved 4K UHD LED smart TV is designed to deliver the best in entertainment.

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