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4 Interior Designer Secrets to Refresh Your Living Room

4 Interior Designer Secrets to Refresh Your Living Room

smiling couple hanging picture frame in homeYour space’s energy can have a tremendous effect on you, especially when it comes to your living room. After all, this room often serves as the hub for your entire household! The perfect living room should be luxurious enough to impress your guests while still maintaining the everyday comforts you crave.

Is your living room asking for a much-needed refresh? Whether it’s time for a full-on makeover or just a style switch-up, now is the perfect time for an interior change.

No need to call an interior designer — we’ll let you in on a few interior design secrets that will definitely save the day. Interior design doesn’t have to get complicated — make this process easier than ever by trying out these living room design tips.

Call on Color Therapy

When it’s time to design a living room, never underestimate the power of color! The colors you choose to add to your walls will dramatically affect the overall feel of your home.

Take a second to consider what you’d like this “overall feel” to be. Brighter, more saturated colors can give your living room a bold edge or a cheery disposition. Neutral tones, muted colors, and various white shades are great for providing a calm sense of calm. Or, if you want your room to give off an air of serious sophistication, go for rich jewel tones or darker colors.

If you’re not ready to fully commit to what you put on your walls, you can easily integrate accent colors. By picking out a specific shade or a select few, you can create a common thread within the interior design of your home.

Accent pillows, artwork, rugs, and other decorative objects are a few ways to showcase color. Balance these elements throughout the space of your living room, and you’ll create a color palette that looks professionally curated!

Focus on Fixtures and Furnishings

Beyond color, the fixtures and furnishings you choose can make a substantial impact. Before you redo your living room, take a moment to identify which interior styles you’re most drawn to.

Would you consider your style to be eclectic, traditional, or minimalist? Are you a fan of the Mid-Century Modern style trend? What is it about these styles that you love or loathe? It’s helpful to get clear on the story you’re trying to tell.

By identifying your personal design style, it will become much easier to say “yes” or “no” to the fixtures and furnishings you’re considering for your home.

Set Up Your Space with Intention

The way you choose to set up your living room will set the tone for your overall space. Just be careful about going overboard. When it comes to design, less is often more; Every element in your place should serve a distinct purpose.

By leading with intention, it’s less likely that your living room will look cluttered or disorganized. Cohesion is key — without it, your living room is bound to feel chaotic, messy, and ultimately unwelcoming.

Furniture Sets for the Win

Of all the best living room design tips out there, all-inclusive living room bundles are the biggest game-changer. By opting for one of Rent-A-Center’s furniture sets, you can get past the hard part without sacrificing the fun of redecorating!

These bundles provide neutral-toned foundations that work great in any home. By providing a vast selection of sets, Rent-A-Center gives customers the room and flexibility to infuse their own design choices.

All-inclusive furniture bundles eliminate the slew of hassles that come with furniture shopping. For one, you don’t have to rack your brain thinking of which loveseat goes with your couch or what accent tables to get with your coffee table. Additionally, you can get the bundle of your choice with low payment plans that work with any budget, regardless of credit**.

Living room with an Alessio Beige Sofa and Loveseat


Rent-A-Center’s Home to the Worry-Free Guarantee

Interior design can be an overwhelming undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be! By implementing this handful of helpful tips, you’ll be able to turn around the look, style, and feel of your living room for cheap. Lean on your local Rent-A-Center for the deals you need to redesign your living room at payment options that don’t mess with your budget!

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