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I Dropped My Laptop! Now What Do I Do?

I Dropped My Laptop! Now What Do I Do?

Girl in green sweater looking at dropped laptopIt happens to so many of us. One second you’re holding your laptop, and the next second it slips from your grip. Thunk! Considering that nearly three-fourths of American adults own a laptop or desktop computer, it’s likely that you’ve faced (or will face) the horror of a dropped laptop eventually.

How to Troubleshoot a Dropped Laptop

  1. Check the outside (shell) of your laptop. If you spot minor scratches or dents, don’t worry. But if you see major damage, like a massive crack, then it might need to get fixed pronto. Why? Heavy damage to the laptop’s exterior could mean that the guts of your computer have been damaged as well.
  2. Look at the laptop screen. Just a scratch? Probably not a problem. But if there’s a crack as big as the Grand Canyon, or if your screen looks like a shattered mirror into the Matrix, then a repair or replacement might be in order.
  3. Listen to your laptop. No, we’re not suggesting that you become a Computer Whisperer. We’re just recommending that you pay attention to any strange sounds you might hear coming from the laptop. Notice any clicking, humming, or buzzing noises? Your laptop is telling you it’s injured. Ouch!
  4. Reboot your laptop. If the fall didn’t cause your laptop to die, then it’s wise to reboot and see how it behaves. Does everything look and sound normal after the reboot? Good. However, sluggish performance or unusual noises could signal that your laptop needs to be repaired or—ugh!—replaced.

Turn to a Laptop Technician

Let’s say you didn’t purchase your laptop at Rent-A-Center. After you’ve looked at and listened to your laptop, if you suspect it’s in need of repair or replacement, you should seek out a qualified computer technician who can run diagnostic tests. In this scenario, it’s probably best to not use your laptop till you’ve had a chance to get it checked out by a pro.

Before you hand your laptop over to a fix-it wizard, though, be sure to back up data like documents and photos (if the damage hasn’t stopped you from doing a backup). Otherwise, you risk losing lots of stuff that’s stored on your laptop.

You’re in luck if you did purchase your laptop at Rent-A-Center, though. If an item breaks because of any kind of manufacturing defect, we’ll repair it quickly and at no additional cost. If offsite repairs are needed, we’ll even give you a loaner laptop while you wait!

How to Prevent a Dropped Laptop

Now, what can you do to prevent dropped-laptop mishaps, or at least ease their effects? Here are four tips:

  1. Put a “skin” around your laptop. This thin sheet of vinyl or plastic, which you stick on your laptop, doesn’t guarantee there won’t be any damage. But, if nothing else, a skin can help prevent small scratches and dents. Oh, and many laptop skins are actually pretty stylish!
  2. Buy a sleeve or case. A sleeve or case can cushion your laptop if you happen to drop it while you’re carrying it. Better yet, transport your laptop in a backpack, which provides even more cushioning.
  3. Add a screen protector. Applying a thin layer of specialized plastic (or even glass) to your laptop screen can help shield it from damage. Plus, some protectors can keep your data secure and reduce eyestrain.
  4. Use common sense. Try not to put your laptop in places where it could fall, such as on the edge of a desk, table, or counter.

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