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How to Throw a Monstrous Halloween Party

How to Throw a Monstrous Halloween Party

Halloween party table

With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to let out your inner creative monster and plan a party that’s full of fright! With these ideas, you can turn an average party into a monstrous Halloween bash, complete with spooky treats and thrilling décor.

Monster Halloween cupcakes

These monster cupcakes are more cute than spooky, which makes them great for kids — and a fun activity for the whole family.

How to make monster Halloween cupcakes

Materials Needed:

  • 1 batch of unfrosted cupcakes
  • Assortment of colored and white frosting
  • Decorating bags (or resealable sandwich bags)
  • Package of candy eyes

How to make monster Halloween cupcakes

Step 1
If your frosting is not yet colored, dye it with food coloring, but set aside a small batch of white frosting. If you don’t have a plastic decorating bag and decorating tip, fill resealable sandwich bags with frosting (one bag per color), then cut a small tip from the corner of each bag. If you have a decorating bag and a tip, insert the tip into the end of the bag before filling with frosting.

Step 2
If you’re making these cupcakes with family or friends, fill a handful of bags with colored frosting, as well as one with black frosting and one with white frosting. Set them on your workspace along with some candy eyes — and any other decorating candy you may want to use — then get started.

The decorating process is up to you and your guests. Just be sure to frost the cupcakes before you add on the candy eyes or other candy décor.

Note: If you can’t find candy eyes at the store, white and black frosting works just as well.

Halloween party monster table decor

Turn your treats table into a big, green monster. It will give your party a lot of wow, with little effort.

Materials Needed:

  • 3 plastic tablecloths (2 green and 1 purple)
  • Scissors
  • White and black paper
  • Black marker
  • Glue stick
  • Tape

Green tablecloth for Halloween monster table

Step 1
Cover your table with a green tablecloth. You may need more than one for a larger table.

How to make Frankenstein hair for a Halloween monster table

Step 2
Place the purple tablecloth on top of the green one. Use scissors to trim the purple tablecloth to achieve the look of Frankenstein’s hair.

How to make eyes for a Halloween monster table

Step 3
Using white paper and a black marker, draw two large eyes. Cut them out with scissors. Cut out a mouth shape from black construction paper, plus a few teeth from the white paper. Add the teeth to the mouth using a glue stick.

Step 4
Use tape to secure the eyes and the mouth to the center of the front of the tablecloth. Add any additional details you’d like to the face. When finished, decorate the table with spooky snacks and sweets.

Monster Halloween treat bags

Fill these cute treat bags with candy corn or your favorite Halloween candy. They make great party favors.

Materials needed to make monster Halloween treat bags

Materials Needed:

  • Small resealable plastic bags
  • Halloween candy
  • Plastic googly eyes
  • Glue stick
  • Construction paper
  • Permanent marker
  • Colored tape (or sticker paper and markers)

Materials needed to make monster Halloween treat bags

Step 1
Use a glue stick to adhere googly eyes to each bag. Make a mouth out of colored tape, then glue on some teeth cut out from white paper. Add any additional details with permanent marker.

How to make monster Halloween treat bags

Step 2
Once the bags have been decorated, set them aside for 30 minutes so the glue can dry. Fill with Halloween candy and display them on the party table.

Here are some more ideas for DIY Halloween decor:  

Turn any wall into a fun photo booth space or festive party backdrop. Hang black streamers vertically, taping each piece at the floor and at the ceiling. Use a glue stick to secure a handful of googly eyes to each streamer. 

Monster art decor idea

Artwork like this won’t go unnoticed. Use construction paper to add a large monster face to the wall behind your party table — or any wall in the room. Use colored tape to create a fun frame around the monster.

You can put plastic googly eyes pretty much anywhere. Stick them to glass cups, plates, or other tabletop décor. When the party’s over, just wash them with warm water to remove. You can also use plastic googly eyes in place of confetti on the table.

If you want bigger eyes, make them yourself with white adhesive paper and a black marker. Then stick them anywhere you please!

Chocolate monster eyes Halloween decor

Use white chocolate chips or white candy melts, lollipop sticks, and round black candies to create these spooky chocolate eyes. Once the chocolate is melted, add quarter-sized rounds to a parchment-lined baking sheet. Position a lollipop stick into each melted chocolate circle, and place the sheet in the refrigerator to set.

Once firm, add a dab of chocolate and a black round candy to complete the eye. These sweets can be stuck into almost anything, including doughnuts, cake, cupcakes, and fruit.

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