How to Compare Cell Phone Plans — and Choose the Best One

When you compare cell phone plans, they key is to look for a plan that includes enough coverage to avoid overage charges, but not so much that you’ll be paying for services you don’t actually need. RAC’s mobile plans are popular because you get multiple unlimited talk, text, and data plans to choose from (certain restrictions apply); and we offer nationwide coverage as well as international calling to select countries. Because RAC provides high-end smartphones at low out-of-pocket costs with no credit ever needed, mobile customers enjoy more choices, more flexibility, and more control. So, which mobile plan is right for you? Here are four things to consider.

RAC offers two plans: SimpleMobile (plans that start at $25) and Net10 Wireless (plans start at $35). If budget is your top priority, start by determining the amount you want to spend month to month. Rent-A-Center Store Associates can also help you decide which price-affecting features, like a sharp camera or a large screen, are important to you.

Voice and Text Coverage
Coverage includes where you want to call and text (national or international), as well as how much you want to call and text. If you have friends and family members outside of the U.S., be sure to select a plan that enables international communication. If you’ll only be making calls and texting domestically, be sure you’re not paying for a plan with international capabilities.

Additional tip: Ask which specific countries are a part of the international plan to ensure that you’re covered.

Data Coverage and Network Speed
Do you plan to share photos, stream videos, access the Web, or use social media platforms? If so, then you will need data coverage. Move your search to the Net10 Wireless plans — all of which offer data coverage. Rent-A-Center Store Associates are trained to help you determine which available mobile plan best fits your needs, as well as what speed you want to send and receive data.

RAC never requires customers to sign a long-term contract with any of our 30-day mobile plans. This flexibility means that you can change, upgrade, or stop service at any time. And as part of RAC’s Worry-Free Guarantee, service and repairs for normal wear and tear are always included.

Read more about RAC’s mobile phone plans, and then visit your nearest Rent-A-Center store to sign up for your smartphone coverage and get set up with your new phone today.