How Rent-A-Center Works

Picture this: you’ve walked into your new apartment and you find the washer and dryer are missing! Did the last renters take them? Or did the apartment include the washer and dryer hookup, but not the actual laundry machines?

If you find yourself in a lurch for appliances, furniture, and housewares–Rent-A-Center is here to help. With Rent-A-Center, you can make small, rent-to-own payments on big-ticket items. It’s a great option for everyone from the budget-minded family to the once-a-year mover. Find out how it works in the video below!

Video Transcription: How Rent-A-Center Works

Imagine getting big-ticket, big brand items you want like furniture, appliances, and electronics for small payments. All without credit! Well, you can.

At Rent-A-Center, we take big prices and cut them up into small, affordable payments. You choose the payment plan that works for your budget.

The Perks of Rent-to-Own with Rent-A-Center

Whether it’s weekly, every other week, every other week, twice a month, or monthly! So you can get what you want right away with delivery and setup included. All without credit or long term commitments.

And if for any reason you wanna stop or pause your payments, you can return your product–no questions asked. And with payment protection, you don’t lose the money you’ve paid because you can pick up where you left off whenever you’re ready.

Plus, Rent-A-Center will service or repair your product for the life of your agreement at no additional cost. We’ll even provide a loaner while you wait!

And the best part…when you make your final payment you own the product. So go on, choose your big-ticket item in-store or online and see how small your payment is at Rent-A-Center!