Halloween Crafts: Spooky-Fun Lunch Bags

RACC311-0104-Halloween-GifTake2With just a few supplies from around the house, your kids will have a blast making these easy Halloween crafts. Ordinary paper lunch sacks as spooky-fun character faces are sure to make your children the most festive at the table. Once lunch is over, the faces can be removed from the bags and used as holiday decor or even worn as part of a costume (cut out the eyes and secure an elastic band to the face to create a mask).


What you will need:

  • Paper lunch bags
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Stapler
  • Assortment of colored paper

 Halloween_Step 1-620

  • Cut out the paper you’ll need for your Halloween character. Cut out a character from your imagination, or use the examples below as a guide to put your own spin on a skull, Frankenstein, black cat, or ghost.

Halloween_Step 2-620

  • Use a glue stick to secure the cut-out details (eyes, mouth, nose, etc.) onto your character’s face.

Halloween_Step 3-620

  • Once you’ve glued on all of the face details, staple the character to the lunch bag, leaving 2 inches of space at the top.

Halloween Hero Image_620

  • Then pack your child’s bag with a healthy lunch and send him off to school!

Suggestions for You

Skull Lunch_text_620

A skull with snazzy gold tooth makes a good lunch buddy.

Frankenstein Lunch-text1_620

What would Frankenstein eat?

Ghost Lunch_text_620

Who ya gonna call? Lunch busters!

Cat Lunch-text_620

Cat got your lunch?