Get the Look: Cozy Living Room Ideas

Cozy living roomComfort and coziness are possible no matter your decorating style, which means that with just a few guiding principles, you can create a cozy living room — romantic, rustic, modern or classic — that says “welcome” to everyone who enters.

Cozy Is Inviting
Provide ample space for guests to gather, and choose pieces that invite lounging. In large rooms, pull furniture away from walls so people can talk to each other without having to shout across the room. In small spaces, make use of storage so clutter doesn’t compete with comfort­. Incorporate stylish ottomans or trunks that are comfortable for sitting but double as a place to store magazines, DVDs, games, extra blankets, and more. A pile of oversize floor pillows is enticing to kids of all ages.

Open book by fireplace.

Cozy Is Warm
Toss a textured blanket or two over the back of your sofa for easy access during snuggle time. No fireplace? No problem. The ClassicFlame “Serendipity” Fire Display from RAC gives you the look and feel of a fireplace — without a chimney.

Living room interior

Cozy Is Light
Lighting can make all the difference in a room. To create a cozy atmosphere, begin with natural light, add overhead fixtures, and then layer in accent lighting with floor lamps and tabletop lamps. And never underestimate the welcoming glow of candles.

sunny living room

Cozy Is Natural
Natural materials like a stone mantel, wooden tables, or a sisal rug are inherently warm and cozy.


Above All Else, Cozy Is Comfy
The opposite of formal and fragile, cozy is lived-in and casual. Choose fabrics that are soft yet durable. Add area rugs that feel great to stretch out on during family game night but are resistant to stains. Highlight comfort with throw pillows in a mix of textures, and emphasize the “living” aspect of your living room by ditching stuffy decorating rules, opting for displays of family photos and children’s art, and kicking back to relax.