Get Excited for the LG Ultra HD 4K LED Television

The LG 55-inch Ultra HD 4K LED television is probably smarter than a fifth grader. And it’s likely as much fun as your favorite elementary school student even on his very best day. For certain, techies will feel like a kid in a candy store with this set. Here are six reasons why.

1. The Remote Control Is Smarter Than You Are.
LG’s Magic Remote might be just that: magical. It helps you navigate the myriad options on your Ultra HD TV with voice control and the most user-intuitive interface of any remote out there. It can also be used to control all your other connected devices, so you can say goodbye to juggling multiple remotes.

2. You Can Control It With Just Your Voice.
That’s right — instead of looking like a crazy person who talks to your TV, you are now the captain of the television ship. Voice control on the LG 55-inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV allows you to browse all the apps, as well as search the Internet. So when you can’t remember where you’ve seen that one guy in this movie before, all you have to do is ask your TV.

3. WebOS 2.0 Has Expansive New Features.
Want to listen to your favorite radio station via the iHeartRadio app, shop for something on HSN, or show your friends that viral video of a dog singing a Rhianna song? LG’s newly launched WebOS 2.0 platform enables you to quickly and easily toggle among all your favorite entertainment apps seamlessly.

4. Netflix in 4K Is as Good as Any Movie Theater.
As 4K viewing technology surges in popularity, movie-streaming service Netflix has kept up with the demand with its expanded offerings specifically for 4K LED TVs. If you thought your favorite television drama was intense before, wait until you see all the action on the LG 55-inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV.

5. Built-In Wi-Fi® Means Your TV Is Really Plugged In.
This set’s built-in Wi-Fi makes setting the TV up a breeze. This feature enables you to use your television as a high-speed Internet access tool. It also means that streaming television shows and movies is easier than before.

6. Share in a Snap With Smart Share.
Did your child just take her first steps and you were lucky enough to capture it in pictures? Did you finally school your best friend at Call of Duty and have the video to prove it? Sharing those moments is a cinch with Smart Share, which is already installed on all LG electronics, and a smartphone app that lets you spread the good news to your heart’s content.