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Fun Ideas for Friendly April Fools’ Day Pranks

Fun Ideas for Friendly April Fools’ Day Pranks

April Fools' Day in block letters

April Fools’ Day is every prankster’s favorite holiday. Even though historians can’t agree on its origins, one thing we do know for sure: It’s the best day of the year to be silly.

We have some ideas for simple tricks to play on your significant others, kids, and friends. We kept it light so no one gets too upset. After all, you could be the one pranked next time!

This year, April Fools’ Day falls on a Saturday, so you’ll have to wait until next year to play jokes on your officemates. But here are a few ways to keep your favorite people guessing this April 1.

Shocked woman looking out of her car window

For Your Spouse or Significant Other

  • The night before, unscrew the showerhead and put in a packet (or two) of gelatin dessert powder or food coloring. The water will come out technicolored, waking them up fast.
  • Put plastic wrap under the tops of shampoo and conditioner bottles, so that nothing comes out when they try to wash their hair.
  • Cover a bar of soap with clear nail polish, so it won’t lather up.
  • Switch up the controls in the car so the radio is on full blast, the windshield wipers are going, and the seat is too close to the dashboard. They’ll be in for a surprise when they first get in.
  • Replace photos of the two of you that you have framed and displayed around the house with photos of you and your celebrity crush.

Unhappy kid with a bowl of cereal

For Your Kids

  • Set all alarms and clocks ahead an hour, then tell your kids they’re running late when they wake up.
  • Put a bowl of your kids’ favorite cereal with milk in the freezer overnight. Serve it to them frozen, and they’ll wonder why they can’t take a bite!
  • Hide one of each pair of shoes so that they’ll have to put on a mismatched pair on the way out the door. (Give them the right shoe before they leave, of course.)
  • Run a needle and thread through all the socks in their drawer, so they’re all invisibly connected when they try to pull out a pair to put on.
  • When preparing their lunch, hide a rubber roach or gummy worm in bowl of chips, fruit, or cookies.

Frosted mini cakes

For Your Friends

  • Tell your BFF you’re having a surprise party for a fellow friend, but in reality, plan it for your bestie. When he or she arrives, have everyone hide. Then tell everyone to pop out for an “unbirthday” surprise he or she won’t soon forget.
  • Sneak into your friend’s smartphone and change the language to a foreign tongue.
  • Add talcum powder to their hairdryer, so they get a big dusting when they turn it on.
  • Take your friend a box of “sponge cakes” that are actual sponges you use to clean, fully iced and decorated. Probably best to ask him or her to cut into one first!
  • Get your bestie to hint at a juicy rumor about you to the biggest gossip in your social circle via text. Have him or her follow it up with, “Sorry, wrong person.” Then see what happens when the gossip can’t stand the suspense!

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