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A Guide to Decorating With Prints

A Guide to Decorating With Prints

If your home décor feels a little meh, liven up your domicile prints. Yes, prints. Plural. Prints add pizzazz and spark creativity. They can evoke a mood, trigger positive emotions and sooth the senses. The trick to working with multiple prints is to not let them overwhelm you or quarrel with each other. Here’s our guide to decorating with prints.

Get Inspired
Begin with what you like. Draw inspiration from a favorite painting, piece of cherished jewelry, or favorite article of clothing. If you’re at a loss, look to Mother Nature, whose pattern and color choices are always right on.


Take a Complement
Once you have met your color muse, choose one or two bold hues, limited complementary colors (located across from each other on the color wheel), and at least one shade of white or light gray. A palette like that is a fail-proof guide for choosing prints. Prints in the same color complement each other effortlessly.

Think Safety in Numbers
You could limit yourself to just one print, but why? Layering prints creates a sophisticated space, so choose three — or more — for your palette. Use the primary print in a large area, like curtains, a rug, a bedspread, or the sofa. Cover smaller items of furniture with the secondary print, and use the final print as trim. Still not sure? Think of prints in terms of sizes. The primary one should be the largest (like a bold floral) with the other two made up of smaller or tighter patterns (like stripes, checks, or plaids). If you still can’t pull the trigger on multiple prints, consider combining three textures of the same hue (such as linen, jacquard, satin, wool, or chenille).

Find a Balance
Distribute prints and solid colors equally throughout the room. Grouping all of your prints on one side of the room, for example, makes the room feel off balance. And above all, have fun. Decorating should be a blast!

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