A Dreamy Playlist of Songs for Sleeping

Whether you’re drawn to the relaxing tonalities, the calming lyrics, or the sweet memories evoked when you hear a few specific chords, the right music can help you get both better sleep quality and quantity. The key to drifting into la-la land is relaxing, which is often times much easier said than done. To help zone out and catch enough z’s, many people turn to music. Here are three tips for creating a relaxing playlist of songs for sleeping.

Follow the Leaders
Spotify and National Sleep Foundation teamed up to investigate 2.8 million sleep-themed playlists and find out what people are using to coax the sandman into a long, sweet visit. The data revealed that the top songs sleepy listeners turn to for help falling asleep are:

A Scientific Method
Many studies have been done to find out more about which tunes help us relax. At the top of the list of the most relaxing songs of all time is “Weightless,” by Marconi Union. Adele’s “Someone Like You” ranked eighth. When you’re trying to fall asleep, select songs with a slower beat and soft vocals. Acoustic songs and instrumental tunes both work well.

Make an Emotional Connection
Music is a personal experience, so if you’re listening to other people’s playlists, don’t sweat it if you don’t vibe with a particular tune. Try different songs and genres to see what resonates with you. From Norah Jones and James Taylor to Jack Johnson and Bruno Mars, find the music that gets into your head — in a good, relaxing way.

Here’s our pick of 10 great songs to fall asleep to: