A Bouquet of Spring Flowers You Can Make Yourself


Flowers are synonymous with spring, and this flower box arrangement will add the perfect seasonal accent to your home. With a few grocery store bouquets, a container, and some floral foam, you can create a spring flower masterwork in no time.

What you need:

  • Flower box with plastic liner
  • Floral foam
  • 2-3 grocery store bouquets
  • Scissors or shears
  • Water

Before you start:

Select two or three grocery store bouquets that contain an assortment of spring blooms (such as tulips, roses, peonies, and poppies). Make sure to select at least one bouquet that provides a good amount of greenery, as well as one that also has some light floral filler. Once you’re ready to start arranging, cut off thorns and remove the majority of the leaves from each stem, leaving a little at the top near each of the flowers. Cut the stems about two times the height of your box and leave a few accent stems a bit taller.

Spring Flower Box_Step1_hi

  • Using a knife, cut the floral foam to fit the size of your box. Keep the foam 1 inch below the top of the box.

Spring Flower Box_Revised Step_1200 copy

  • Cut the greenery pieces for your box (each piece should be twice the height of the box). Insert the greenery at an angle around the edge of the foam.

Spring Flower Box_Step3-2_hi

  • Add one flower variation at a time. For your first variation, insert each stem into the foam, positioning identical blooms apart from each other.

Spring Flower Box_Step4-2_hi

  • Add your next flower variety to the box, filling blank spots as you work.

Spring Flower Box_Step5_hi

  • Use additional greenery and filler for lighter accents.

Spring Flower Box_Step6_hi

  • Heavily water the foam.

Spring Flower Box_Step7_hi

  • Place your box on display or use as a centerpiece for your table. It’s a sight to behold!