5 School Lunches Your Kids Will Love

Healthy kids lunches for every day of the week

Getting kids to eat well is hard. Getting kids to eat well when you’re not around is even harder. To help you out: a week’s worth of healthy school lunch ideas that are so tasty you might just pack one (or all) for yourself. Bonus: All of these ideas are budget-friendly, too.

Healthy kids lunch chicken leg

Monday: Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner
Leftovers make easy and tasty school lunches. Plan for Monday by saving the drumsticks and a couple of potatoes from Sunday night’s roast chicken supper. Round it out with a fresh fruit salad.
 Healthy kids lunch waffle sandwich

Tuesday: I Love You More Than Waffles
A savory waffle sandwich is way more fun than a regular sandwich. Melt cheese and turkey between two whole wheat waffles and cut the sandwich into a heart. Toss in a few crunchy baby carrots and a handful of green grapes, and you’ve got a meal that promises a smile.

Healthy kids lunch tacos

Wednesday: Keep Taco Tuesday Going
If your household doesn’t celebrate Taco Tuesday, then maybe it’s time to start. Use chicken or fish instead of beef, plus plenty of fresh veggies for a healthy, fast way to feed a family during the week. Even better: This serves as a quick and healthy school lunch the next day. A side of black beans is a no-brainer. A half a banana is dessert.

Healthy kids lunch wrap

Thursday: Wrapping Up the Week (Almost)
The week is almost a wrap, and lunch is definitely a wrap! Spread two small whole wheat sandwich wraps with cream cheese and pile on fresh veggies, such as leafy spinach and thinly sliced red and yellow peppers and carrots. Roll it all up and cut them in two. Top things off with crackers and green grapes.

Healthy kids lunch waffle sandwich

Friday: It’s Fri-Yay!
It’s everyone’s favorite weekday: the day before the weekend. Send the kiddos off to school with breakfast — or something like it — for lunch. Peanut butter and bananas between two whole wheat waffles is nice. Throw in a cheese stick and some berries, and you’ve got an end-of-the-week winner.

Note: If peanut butter is banned at your school, try almond butter or sunflower seed butter. Both are allergy-safe alternatives with brain-fueling fats and protein.