5 Ideas for Garage Organization

Garage tools hanging

If you have to climb over stuff to get into your car or it takes you longer to find a hammer than it does to cook your holiday turkey, it’s time for a little garage organization. Here are four tips for tidying up, from storing holiday decorations to arranging tools.

Make the Most of Wall Space

Hanging things on the walls can be as simple as nailing up pegboard and getting a few hooks or securing baskets (for items like balls) to the wall. Or you might opt to buy a rail like the one in the photo above that allows for special attachments for lawn equipment, tools and more; or you could use PVC pipe to make wall holders for things with handles. Whichever way you choose, you’re creating floor space and can see what you own in a glance.

Maximize Overhead, Too

Get bikes and other sporting equipment (especially that which you rarely use) off the floor by storing them overhead. You can purchase special ceiling hooks for bikes, and several companies make shelves that mount on the ceiling so you can store bulky items, such as seasonal decor, camping equipment and coolers up out of the way.

Christmas decorations

Buy into Boxes

Shelves in a garage are a no-brainer, but clear plastic storage boxes are perhaps a better way to organize items you don’t need every day. They stack neatly and protect your belongings from dust and garage grime. Plus, you can see what’s inside — so when you do want to use something, you don’t have to open every single box, like you would with cardboard boxes.

Get Creative with Tools

If your garage doubles as a workshop, you probably need to organize your tools. Pegboard is a great option here. Another idea: Recycle glass and plastic jars as containers for small items such as nails, screws, washers and more. Some professional organizers suggest nailing the lids of the jars to the underside of shelves so the jars stay in their proper places — and you have more surface space on a work bench.

With a little thought (and maybe a few hours in the heat), your garage can be the picture of organization — and you will have a clear path to the car.