5 Helpful Laundry Tips for Fall

With the school year back in full swing and busy schedules picking up before the holidays, your ever-growing laundry pile might seem bigger and more daunting than ever. Fortunately, we have five helpful tips for fall that will make the task seem a little less challenging — and maybe even help you feel like a laundry boss!

Keep It Cool
Did you know that hot water accounts for about 90 percent of the energy used by washing machines, and that only 10 percent is used to run the motor? Using your washer’s cold-water setting is an easy way to both save energy and decrease pollution, and it might even save you a little cash on your next energy bill. Use the cold setting for all but your grimiest loads of laundry.

Know the Tricks
Stain removal is one of the most complicated and dreaded parts of the laundry process, but it isn’t rocket science. If you have a basic understanding of removal tricks — as well as the correct products to get the job done — most stains can be removed in a snap. Learn how to make a DIY stain station for your laundry room.

Mind the Weekly Routine
It’s advised to wash bedsheets once a week, but all of those spin cycles will start to take a toll — no matter how high the thread count. To prevent bed sheets from pilling, wash them separately from towels and consider using high-quality detergent or fabric softener.

Consider an Upgrade
If you have a large family and find yourself struggling to stay on top of the laundry routine, consider a mega-capacity washer and front-loading dryer. Some come equipped with various temperature settings and controls that steam clothes and eliminate odors, and most are energy-efficient. Find out which washer and dryer pair from Rent-A-Center is right for you.

Speak the Language
You’ve probably seen those symbols adorning the tags of your favorite pieces of clothing, but you might not know exactly what they mean — and this could have serious consequences. Learn about laundry symbols here, and find out which of your clothes are safe to wash in a washing machine, bleach, iron and more.