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4 Tips for Choosing the Best Bed for Growing Kids

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Bed for Growing Kids

Child sleeping with her teddy bear

For health and development, children require nine to 12 hours of sleep each night, and it’s vital to their well-being that this biologic and emotional need be an ongoing priority. (If only grownups followed this same rule.) Selecting the right bed and mattress is key to ensuring little ones get the proper rest for brain function, immunity, growth, and even handling stress.

Here are four tips for selecting the best kids bed for a great night’s sleep:

Big Little Kids
Most people purchase kids furniture with the intent of keeping it for many years, so plan ahead based on the child’s size. Do you think a bed that accommodates a twin-size mattress will suffice, or would a full-size mattress be better? Consider the child’s height and growth pattern to make sure you avoid purchasing a bed that may come up short in the near future.

The number of children in your home can also impact your rent-to-own bed and mattress purchasing decision. Will two children share a room? If so, bunk beds can be a fun, space-saving choice. Rent-A-Center offers several bunk beds in a twin-twin or twin-full configuration. Some rent-to-own bunk beds also feature drawers.

Give Them Space
How large is the bedroom? Like bunk beds, trundle beds can save space. With trundle beds, one bed is stored under the other, giving you flexibility and more room to play. Many models also feature storage for added functionality and convenience.

Test and Retest
Take your child with you to test out the bed and mattress. Ask him or her to get into sleep position and tell you whether the mattress feels comfortable. (Tip: Bring a favorite stuffed animal or doll the child sleeps with to simulate real life.)

At Rent-A-Center, mattresses are included in all rent-to-own kids furniture, so your child will get an accurate experience of what the bed really looks and feels like.

Check out the selection of rent-to-own kids furniture online, or visit your nearest Rent-A-Center store.

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