4 Reasons to be Psyched About the Dell 15.6” Alienware Gaming Laptop

Gaming is serious business. If the graphics don’t pop, if the sound isn’t realistic, and if the features aren’t cutting edge, the fun factor takes a big hit. Dell gets every detail right with the 15.6” Alienware gaming laptop. That means play time now happens on a whole new level.

Here are the top four reasons why this laptop is a must-have for video game enthusiasts.

Power Play
You’re ready to play. Like five-minutes-ago ready. Computers that take too long to load are a drag. No worries with the Dell 15.6” Alienware gaming laptop. It starts up and resumes at lighting speed with Windows 10. Even better, the latest Intel technology delivers super-fast processing, guaranteeing your machine will run at peak performance.

Gorgeous Graphics and Awesome Audio
This gaming laptop is made for the senses. The 15.6” display renders images in full high definition (HD). You’ll see unbelievably rich detail with every move you make. Industry-leading technology delivers an audio experience so crystal clear, you’ll feel like you’re in the game.

Play All Day (And Night)
This machine is ready for 24/7 play with a backlit keyboard that ensures you’re never in the dark. Because we know game time can last into the wee hours.

See and Be Seen
It’s a blast to play with others when you’re powered by the Dell 15.6” Alienware gaming laptop. The full HD webcam and dual microphone keep the lines of communication wide open.

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