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Time for a Spring Photo Shoot! How to Take Way Better Pictures on Your Phone

Time for a Spring Photo Shoot! How to Take Way Better Pictures on Your Phone

Interracial couple holding baby and smiling at camera.Feelin’ fresh for spring? Snap some family pics without going to a fancy studio or paying for an expensive professional photographer. Learn how to take memorable family photos you’ll want to frame forever by following these tips on how to take good pictures with a phone.

Clean Your Camera Lens

First things first, make sure your camera lens is clean! When you’re using your smartphone camera, you’re getting an amazing tool in a super user-friendly package — but you’re also getting a camera that’s been in your pocket, purse, and tiny toddler’s hands.

By starting with this five-second pro-tip, your photos will look more professional, you’ll lose any long, slanting glare lines off of highlights, and skip out on blots, spots, and smudges on the final shots. Remember: if you’re using a smartphone with multiple camera lenses, like the Samsung Galaxy A71, make sure to clean all of them!

Let the Light In!

If you’re taking indoor photos, look for ways to welcome in natural light to better illuminate your images. Open your blinds and curtains, use your porch as a portrait studio, or take photos during the mid-morning or mid-afternoon hours to get full, even light.

And if you want golden, ethereal family pictures, schedule your shoot an hour before sunset! Starting your family photoshoot with lighting in mind is one of the best steps you can take to create holiday card-worthy photos straight from your phone.

Think Like a Stylist

Make sure your family’s wardrobe is in tip-top shape by mixing and matching your family’s outfits to ensure a unified palette of colors and patterns. If you’d prefer a more coordinated aesthetic, purchase matching outfits for the entire family. And if you’d like a more natural, unified look, try adding one or two patterns and prints to your family’s wardrobe mix while allowing more solid colors for the remaining majority.

And remember, newer smartphones are stocked with a LOT of megapixels. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has 64! That means all the details of your look will be on display in your family photos. So, take better pictures with your phone by thinking like a stylist, and blend your looks with loose threads or noticeable wrinkles in mind.

Work Your Angles!

You have the time and the freedom to work your angles! Figure out what makes you and your crew look best and make it a priority. Use your smartphone display to see it live or scroll back through your photos mid-shoot to check out your look.

Twist, pout, smile, sit, stand: find what makes you and your family happiest and go with that! And if you’re taking cute, back-to-school photos for the kids or prefer more organic shots, try taking candid pictures of your family while they’re in their natural habitat.

Save The Best Images

Your smartphone has serious storage, but you may need help keeping your new favorite photos safe! Use storage apps in your Samsung Galaxy, like Dropbox or Google Photos, to make sure your photoshoot is saved forever. Or get more smartphone storage by purchasing an additional storage unit and/or deleting old photos you no longer need. Then, backup your best shots.

Your family is photo-ready, but your old smartphone? Not so much! Upgrade with a new smartphone from local Rent-A-Center today for post-worthy photos you’ll want to keep for years to come!

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