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Phones for Kids: 5 Things to Consider

Phones for Kids: 5 Things to Consider

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Today, it’s not questions about the birds and the bees that stump parents, as much as the inevitable, “When can I get a cell phone?” The average age for kids to get their first phone is 10, up from age 12 just four years ago. And, as parents get tired of handing their own phones over, that age is likely to continue to get younger.

The next question becomes which phone to choose. Here are five things to consider as you shop for your child’s first smartphone.

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Rent-A-Center offers a large selection of the latest smartphones. To help narrow the field, consider how the phone will primarily be used. If it’s only purpose is in case of an emergency, a simple device will do. For kids who are gamers, look for a phone that has a faster processor, larger HD display, and extended battery life. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Gear VR headset, for example will immerse them in the center of their favorite games. Other phones great for play include the LG5 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

For social butterflies who love to document and share adventures and everyday life, look for a smartphone that has plenty of data, as well more megapixels and photos tools in order to capture, create, and share brilliant moments. The ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser has built-in laser autofocus that ensures the perfect pic, even in low light conditions.

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Upgrade Options
Smartphone technology grows and changes faster than kids, which is why rent-to-own at Rent-A-Center makes sense. Rent-A-Center makes it easy to upgrade to the latest version of your child’s smartphone. For example, smartphones from Samsung Galaxy are available in many different models, and if you find there’s a newer one that better suits your child’s needs, you can upgrade at any time during your rental agreement.

Repairs are Included
Kids can be hard on electronics. You can rest easy knowing at Rent-A-Center phone repairs are included. Just bring the phone into your local store and the Rent-A-Center employees will take care of you.

Data Plans
Once you have chosen the smartphone of your kids’ dreams, it’s time to consider a data plan. At Rent-A-Center, we don’t think you should be forced to commit to an expensive plan you don’t need. Our no-contract 30-day plans provide more flexible, affordable, unlimited ways for kids to connect, share and play. Our Net10Wireless plan offers coverage on the best 4G LTE networks starting at just $35 a month. Rent-A-Center’s Simple Mobile plans include international text and talk features and high-speed data, with plans starting at just $25 a month. You can easily add minutes to any plan either in-store or over the phone.

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Safety Considerations
Finally, before handing the smartphone over, teach your child how to use the internet safely, from not sharing personal information to setting limits and monitoring their usage.

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