How to Use the Samsung Gear VR Headset

When paired with a compatible Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 smartphones, the Gear VR headset can take you to a new world of virtual adventure and gaming. Here’s how to use it.

1. Secure the Velcro harness to the Gear VR headset by threading the Velcro strap through the plastic loops affixed to the headset. Adjust to fit your head size.

2. Take off the front cap, and make sure all screen-protective plastic has been removed from the lenses and front surface of the headset.

3. Connect your phone to the headset by snapping your smartphone’s micro USB port into the headset’s micro USB port. Use the headset’s side clips to secure your phone inside.

4. Try the headset on for size, and follow the on-screen prompts to install the Oculus app, create an Oculus account for future downloads and purchases, and set your preferences.

5. Snap the phone back into the headset, slip the protective cover over the backside of your smartphone, and use the dial on top of the headset to adjust focus.

6. Get ready to blast off on a 3-D immersive virtual reality experience! There’s an entire Oculus app store full of exclusive VR games and content, plus you can access Samsung Internet, stream movies and TV shows on Netflix, enjoy “cinematic VR” content on a dedicated virtual reality platform called Jaunt, and stay up to speed with the seemingly constant stream of newly released VR platforms and content.

Shop online or visit a Rent-A-Center Store near you to shop for your own Samsung Gear VR.