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8 Things You Can Do With the Galaxy S20

8 Things You Can Do With the Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphoneIt’s finally here! Samsung has revealed the newest, much-anticipated Galaxy S20 smartphone, and it is packed full of features, cameras, and pixels that will help define the standard for smartphones in the 2020 decade. And while this phone still carries the same trusted Samsung name you’ve come to love, many features set the new Galaxy S20 apart from previous models. Check out these eight things you can do with the Samsung Galaxy S20.

1. Take 8K video.

Samsung has always pushed the boundaries on their smartphone cameras, and the Galaxy S20 is no different. Thanks to the revolutionary new camera and internal processor, the S20 takes crisp, high-res 8K video, so every life moment you capture will look absolutely stunning.

2. Easily share your videos on YouTube.

Capturing 8K video content might sound wonderful. But what might not sound as exciting as the time it can take to upload those larger video files to YouTube. Fortunately, the Galaxy S20’s lightning-fast processor and 5G network capability allow you to upload your impressive 8K videos straight to YouTube without having to stare at an upload screen for hours!

3. Snap high-res photos while taking 8K video.

Have you ever had the perfect photo moment in the middle of a video? Well, now you can capture that moment in 33-megapixel resolution! Snapping a high-res 33MP photo while taking 8K video lets you get the perfect picture without having to interrupt your recording.

4. Capture the perfect photo with Single Take.

The Galaxy S20 features a triple camera to help you get the perfect photo every time you snap a pic. And with the Single Take feature, the S20 utilizes these cameras to capture multiple photos and videos in different shooting modes. Just point, shoot, and choose the picture you (and your followers) love the most!

5. Zoom in for a close-up.

Taking high-quality photos and videos isn’t the only thing the newly redesigned S20 camera can do. While the wide-angle and ultra-wide cameras allow you to fit more in the frame and capture a fuller, more visually stunning photo, the Telephoto Camera offers a Super-Resolution Zoom of up to 30x. Talk about a close-up!

6. Never run out of space.

If 128GB of internal storage doesn’t sound like enough for you, then how does 1TB sound? With the MicroSD card slot on the S20, you can add up to 1,000 extra gigabytes to your Galaxy, bringing your total to 1,128GBs of space. So, whether you’re an app hoarder, a music lover, or even a videographer, you’re sure to have enough space when you upgrade to the latest Samsung Galaxy.

7. Do what you love all day long.

None of the Galaxy S20’s features matter much if your phone is dead! Luckily, all S20 models can provide a full day’s use on a single charge. But just in case you need a little midday power boost, the S20 sports an improved Fast Charge wired and wireless battery. So, even if you do have to take a break from filming your next blockbuster-style film in 8K, you won’t have to wait long until you’re yelling, “Action!” again.

8. Take content-viewing to the next level.

In an on-the-go world, we rely on our phones as a primary source of amusement. However, most smartphones fail to provide a worthy entertainment experience. But with the Galaxy S20’s edge-to-edge HD display and surround sound from Dolby Atmos, you get a theater-like media experience straight from your mobile device!

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