Get the Big Picture with Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone

Everyone expected greatness with the release of the Galaxy S8 smartphone, and Samsung delivered. With so many awesome features on its redesigned signature smartphone, it was hard for us to narrow down our favorites to just these eight!

An edge-to-edge, 5.8-inch display translates into a massive 84% screen-to-body ratio — the biggest Samsung has ever offered. The Galaxy S8 screen is longer than the S7’s, or about 14% bigger.

Experience 16 million colors and 4.1 million pixels (575,000 more than previous phones), so that every photo and image comes through in incredible detail.

Front and back cameras ensure pictures render in high-quality resolution — even in low light.

Activate the Bixby Button to ask a question or issue a command. Bixby learns your preferences and displays apps and content just for you.

If you need to multitask, the infinity screen enables you to use two apps at once. This means you can watch a video and text at the same time.

A whopping 64 gigabytes of memory allows for ample storage of videos and memories.

Have a lot to say? You can talk up to 30 hours with the long-life battery power.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 runs on Android OS, giving you access to thousands of apps.

Samsung has long been one of the world’s top brands for state-of-the-art products and smartphone technology. The Samsung Galaxy S8 delivers high-tech performance that keeps you informed, connected, and entertained. Stop by the nearest RAC location today, or shop online, to rent to own the Samsung Galaxy S8 from Rent-A-Center.