Stephanie Lewis

Declutter Your House: 4 Ideas to Organize the Kitchen

Kitchen declutter pantry after

Containing clutter is a constant struggle. But the solutions don’t have to cost a lot. And the peace of mind that comes with an organized house? Priceless.

We present a series that shows you how to declutter your house, one room at a time, with budget in mind. The first space to target: your kitchen.

It’s the busiest room in your house, which means it’s often the most disorganized. But it should be a place where you and your family like to hang out. When your most-used ingredients and cooking utensils are at the ready, and less-used items are hidden away, it makes mealtime more enjoyable.

Here are some tips for reducing the mess — and stress — in your kitchen.

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4 Easy Ways To Hide Electronics Cables and Cords

Hide record player cords after

No matter how put-together your space, there is one mess you can expect in nearly every room in your house: that tangled web of cables and cords covering desktops, lurking behind entertainment centers, and piling up on the floor.

It’s inevitable, because you do love your electronics!

But it doesn’t take much to hide the unsightly necessities that come with TVs, computers, video game consoles, audio equipment, and lamps. Check out these four easy, low-cost solutions for keeping those cables and cords out of sight and out of mind.

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DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater DIY

So you’ve been invited to the holiday office party, and the invitation says to arrive in an ugly Christmas sweater. Ugh. No worries … you got this! (It’s better than having to bring the fruitcake, right?) In an afternoon, and under $20, you can transform an otherwise boring sweater into something legendary with the following steps:

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2 Stellar Halloween Costume DIYs for Kids

No need for your kiddos to cool their jets this year! Instead, craft a rocket-fueled jet pack from items found around the house (and a few inexpensive things from any hardware store). And what good is a Rocket Man without his Moon, baby? Craft a cutesy wearable moon out of an exercise or beach ball, primer spray paint, some duct tape, and a little imagination of your own for a coupled costume that’s truly out of this world.Read Story