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6 Ways the Samsung Galaxy S6 Is Awesome

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has been praised as the Android phone of the year and will make you the envy of your techie friends. Yes, it is lightweight and powerful, but here’s why the new smartphone really rings our bell.

1. “OK, Google” Voice Command Summons the Internet.
With two words, you have the entire interwebs at your beck and call. Ever wanted to know when Carrot Top was born? Probably not, but the answers to that question and many, more relevant ones are just a quick voice command away.

2. Multiwindow Mode Makes You a Multitasking Genius.
App fiends, listen up. If you regularly have music streaming via one app while you’re playing a game in another or catching up with friends via social media, switching between apps is much easier with the Samsung Galaxy S6. The multiwindow mode allows users to see multiple apps at the same time and choose the size and screen positioning each gets.

3. Screen Pinning Shuts Down Nosy Friends.
You know the feeling when you let a friend look at something on your phone and then get a momentary panic, worried he or she might snoop and find something embarrassing? Screen pinning locks and password-protects any and all your apps, so no one can see your secret photos.

4. You’ll Find a Theme to Please You.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a diehard car fanatic, incurable comic book nerd, or television addict, there’s probably a Galaxy S6 theme for you. Customizing your phone’s appearance and display is simple with more theme options than ever—and more being added all the time.

5. You Can Selfie Your Heart Out.
With the Galaxy S6’s front-facing camera, its ability to shoot HDR or high-dynamic range photos, and better stabilization, your selfie game is majorly elevated. There will be no selfie-made celebrity who can out-Instagram you.

6. Gestures Make for a Better Experience.
With the Galaxy S6, returning a call or voicemail is as easy as lifting the phone to your ear. Or say you’re in a meeting and forgot to turn your ringer off. Muting the S6 is as easy as placing your hand over the screen or flipping the phone over.

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