Month: November 2019

9 Brilliant & Cheap Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

Woman sitting by a fireplace with a cup of coffeeIt’s going to be a “teeth-chattering” cold winter with plenty of snow, according to The Farmer’s Almanac – even in the Southeast! If you think your only option for staying warm in winter is to crank the thermostat on your heating system, think again. We’re here to share the most creative ways to stay warm in the winter without feeling the heat on your electricity bill.Read Story

Best Black Friday Deals for the Whole Family

Family sitting on the floor opening presentsThe holiday season is full of many things: food, family, friends, fun, and sometimes fruitcake. But for many, the holidays mean one thing–shopping! As the weather cools down, the shopping deals heat up. And if you’re talking Black Friday deals, then you’re talking Rent-A-Center’s language! We prepare our inventory each year to be a deal-shopper’s paradise. Whether it’s the latest tech or new designer purses, Rent-A-Center is your one-stop-shop for deals.Read Story