Month: July 2017

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Redecorate Your Bedroom: DIY No-Sew Custom Curtains

DIY no-sew curtains

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, but it’s often the room that gets decorated last. If you never got around to it, or if you’re ready for a refresh, this is the series for you. We show you how to redecorate your bedroom, one affordable project at a time.

Next up: no-sew curtains. No need to worry about threading your sewing machine; you can make these custom curtains with inexpensive, store-bought sheers (available at your local discount store), pom pom trim (available at your local fabric store), and hot glue.

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Declutter Your House: 5 Solutions to Organize the Living Room

Containing clutter is a constant struggle. But the solutions don’t have to cost a lot. And the peace of mind that comes with an organized house? Priceless. So we present a series that shows you how to declutter your house, one room at a time, with budget in mind.

For the next installment, we tackle the living room.

Besides the kitchen, the living room is the most trafficked room in a home. Not only because we gather there, but also because we often pass through it en route to the kitchen or bedrooms. Any room that gets that much foot traffic tends to get messy!

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Upgrade at Any Time with Rent-A-Center

It’s a bummer to take home a washing machine and discover it doesn’t meet the needs of your growing family. Or maybe your style has evolved, and you wish you had an updated sofa. Or perhaps you just want a newer smartphone.

If you find you need a newer, larger, or more powerful item than the one you’ve got, you’re in luck: With Rent-A-Center’s upgrade benefit, you can trade in your existing item for a new one, at any time, as long as your lease agreement is in good standing.

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Rent-A-Center Encourages Volunteerism With a Day at Frisco Food Pantry

Forty Rent-A-Center employees recently devoted six volunteer hours to Frisco Family Services food pantry. In teams of three, the group took inventory of the entire food pantry.

This is just one of many charitable efforts encouraged by RAC. In May, the company held a month-long fundraiser for the North Texas Food Bank dubbed “RAC Around the Clock to Stop Hunger.”

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