Month: August 2016

A Dreamy Playlist of Songs for Sleeping

Whether you’re drawn to the relaxing tonalities, the calming lyrics, or the sweet memories evoked when you hear a few specific chords, the right music can help you get both better sleep quality and quantity. The key to drifting into la-la land is relaxing, which is often times much easier said than done. To help zone out and catch enough z’s, many people turn to music. Here are three tips for creating a relaxing playlist of songs for sleeping.Read Story

Help Fight Hunger With Rent-A-Center This September

Back in 2009, Rent-A-Center started Soup to Nuts, a humble in-store effort to collect cans of soup and jars of peanut butter for Americans struggling to balance the costs of housing, health care, clothing, transportation, and more. The inaugural program became a national store-based fundraising campaign aimed at helping food banks, and in the years since its inception, Rent-A-Center patrons have made a huge difference. Last year, stores raised $50,000 that was distributed to food banks across 39 regions. And in the last three years, Rent-A-Center has donated more than $180 million toward fighting hunger—but there’s plenty of room to do more.Read Story

How to Compare Cell Phone Plans — and Choose the Best One

When you compare cell phone plans, they key is to look for a plan that includes enough coverage to avoid overage charges, but not so much that you’ll be paying for services you don’t actually need. RAC’s mobile plans are popular because you get multiple unlimited talk, text, and data plans to choose from (certain restrictions apply); and we offer nationwide coverage as well as international calling to select countries. Because RAC provides high-end smartphones at low out-of-pocket costs with no credit ever needed, mobile customers enjoy more choices, more flexibility, and more control. So, which mobile plan is right for you? Here are four things to consider.Read Story