Month: April 2016

What’s the Deal With the Thread Count of Sheets?

What's the Deal With Thread Count?

Smooth, soft sheets can mean the difference between a peaceful night’s sleep and rolling around like a pinball for eight hours. But buying sheets can be confusing. More precisely, thread count can be confusing. Just what is thread count and why does it matter? Where’s the sweet spot when it comes to bedding that feels luxurious but doesn’t cost a fortune?

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New York Store Manager to the Rescue

On any given day, Rent-A-Center employees are expected to be skilled operators, great communicators, customer advocates, and more. But sometimes, circumstances arise in which no amount of training could prepare them for what to do next. In such situations, they are called on to make decisions above and beyond what’s covered in the employee handbook, and there is no better example than Taijuan Littleton, a 12-year RAC veteran and store manager in training in Buffalo, New York.Read Story

Upgrade Your Space With Pantone Colors for Spring

Paint an Accent Wall

This spring’s Pantone colors are perfect for adding excitement to your interior décor. Flip through and find inspiring ways to add color to your space.

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The Tax Deductions You Need for the Tax Refund You Want


Itemizing has the potential to make a big difference on your income taxes. Itemizing refers to listing certain tax deductions as their own line items, rather than opting for a standard deduction on your tax return. There are scenarios where this extra step can be worth the pain. And though you may have already filed this year, here are the three things you need to know about how tax deductions can impact your tax refund next year.

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