Month: February 2016

At Rent-A-Center, You Don’t Need Credit

Cutting a credit card

At Rent-A-Center, your credit history isn’t on our radar. In fact, to begin shopping for furniture, appliances, electronics, computers, or smartphones, you need just three things: a place to live, a job, and a few references. With our long list of must-have name-brand products, you can get what you want and need without the stress.

Here are the benefits of Worry-Free Shopping at RAC — with no credit needed.

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Get the Look: Create a Classic Black-and-White Gallery Wall


Whether stored in boxes in the back of a closet, stashed in dresser drawers, or stacked in filing cabinets, family photos and treasured mementos deserve to see the light of day. A lovely way to display holiday pics, vacation postcards, and back-to-school snaps is a classic black-and-white gallery wall. This inexpensive project can be tackled in a weekend, and the end result is a stunning focal point for your home.

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How to Clean Grout in 5 Easy Steps

If you have tile in your kitchen, bath or floor areas, you may have noticed stains or discoloration that makes the surface appear dingy. Grout lines get dirty from soaps, shoes and spills, so experts recommend a good cleaning about once a year for areas that see a lot of traffic. Follow these five easy steps to learn how to clean grout.

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