Month: October 2015

Poll: What’s Your Favorite Thing About Fall?

happy family having fun in autumn parkFall is a wonderful time of year. For students, it’s back to school. For others, it feels like a fresh start, a time to tackle projects — like finally redecorating that room before the holiday season sets in. We know why we love the season, but we want to know your reasons!

Tell us: What’s your favorite thing about fall?

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Halloween Crafts: Spooky-Fun Lunch Bags

RACC311-0104-Halloween-GifTake2With just a few supplies from around the house, your kids will have a blast making these easy Halloween crafts. Ordinary paper lunch sacks as spooky-fun character faces are sure to make your children the most festive at the table. Once lunch is over, the faces can be removed from the bags and used as holiday decor or even worn as part of a costume (cut out the eyes and secure an elastic band to the face to create a mask).

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Send Us Pics of Your Pet in a Halloween Costume

little dog in halloween costumeGangster poodle! Hot dog kitten! We love our furry friends, especially when they’re wearing Halloween costumes. Dress your pet for Halloween and snap some “boooo-tiful” pics! Then send those snaps to and your best pal could be featured on our Facebook page or this blog.

Understanding Your Credit Score

credit scoreA credit score is a number that tells a bank or lender how “creditworthy” you are when it comes to paying back a loan. The higher your credit score, the more confident a bank will be in your financial situation — and you’ll be in a better borrowing position than someone with a low credit score.

How do you build up your credit, and what do the numbers actually mean? Here are four things to help answer those questions and explain what you need about your credit score.

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Put This Washer and Dryer on Your Laundry List

Your clothes washing regimen is about to get an overhaul. Here’s a new LG washer and dryer that are so streamlined and technologically advanced that you’ll wonder how you got by before. Here are five reasons you should put the LG1201TLCV LG Ultra Large Capacity Front Control Top Load Washer and SteamDryer™ on your laundry list.

1. Sleek Controls

These are the sleekest control panels you’ve ever seen on a washer and dryer, and they’re right up front, so you can see and use them easily. Each button is a touch point to a world of convenience. The washer has eight washing programs, five temperature settings, and a delay-wash button (up to 19 hours). The dryer has 12 drying programs and four temperature settings. And just wait until you find out about the fabric care innovations.

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