Month: June 2015

Send Us Pics of Your Pets

Dog Picutres and Cat Pictures

Dog pictures. Cat pictures. Pictures of guinea pigs and goldfish. We want to see photos of all your critters. Pets warm up our hearts and our homes—and we’d love to meet yours. Send photos of your pets at home, along with their names, your name, and your city, to, and your furry friends could be featured on our Facebook page or this blog.

5 Great Accent Wall Ideas

Green Accent Wall with Butterflies

By definition, an accent wall is the focal point of a room—and as such it deserves special consideration. It’s an opportunity for you to showcase a favorite color, a cherished collection, or your own personal style. Here are a few neat ideas for making the most of an accent wall.

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Poll: What Are You Saving For?

Engagement ring

People have saving plans for all kinds of things. Putting a little away each week or month to get the big-ticket items you want is a responsible thing to do.


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And, remember, if you’re saving for furniture, appliances, computers, electronics, or smartphones, you can get what you want when you want it at RAC. We have an array of flexible payment options, which means you don’t have to wait.

Can’t Sleep? Try This

Woman sleeping on bed

Sleep. Something so natural should come easy, but millions of people can’t sleep and struggle every night to get good rest. For some, there’s just not enough time in the day to get the recommended eight hours at night. Others have an active mind that never seems to take a break. To help in the quest for better rest, here are five tips.

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