Month: May 2015

Affordable Bedroom Ideas for Kids

It doesn’t take a lot of cash to take children’s rooms from boring to brilliant. But it does take a little time and creativity. Smart moms know transforming an ordinary room into a special space just for kids can be as easy as organizing clutter or painting a wall. Here are a few of their bedroom ideas and tricks.

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Send Us a Pic of Your RAC Room

Send us pics of your RAC room

Do you pile your bed high with pillows? Let your pets sleep on the couch? Do you like modern art and the perfectly placed plant? Or do precious collections dominate your home? Grab your smartphone and snap some pics. Then send them to and your room could be featured on our Facebook page or this blog.

How Rent-A-Center Works

Picture this: you’ve walked into your new apartment and you find the washer and dryer are missing! Did the last renters take them? Or did the apartment include the washer and dryer hookup, but not the actual laundry machines?

If you find yourself in a lurch for appliances, furniture, and housewares–Rent-A-Center is here to help. With Rent-A-Center, you can make small, rent-to-own payments on big-ticket items. It’s a great option for everyone from the budget-minded family to the once-a-year mover. Find out how it works in the video below!

Video Transcription: How Rent-A-Center Works

Imagine getting big-ticket, big brand items you want like furniture, appliances, and electronics for small payments. All without credit! Well, you can.

At Rent-A-Center, we take big prices and cut them up into small, affordable payments. You choose the payment plan that works for your budget.

The Perks of Rent-to-Own with Rent-A-Center

Whether it’s weekly, every other week, every other week, twice a month, or monthly! So you can get what you want right away with delivery and setup included. All without credit or long term commitments.

And if for any reason you wanna stop or pause your payments, you can return your product–no questions asked. And with payment protection, you don’t lose the money you’ve paid because you can pick up where you left off whenever you’re ready.

Plus, Rent-A-Center will service or repair your product for the life of your agreement at no additional cost. We’ll even provide a loaner while you wait!

And the best part…when you make your final payment you own the product. So go on, choose your big-ticket item in-store or online and see how small your payment is at Rent-A-Center!

Get the Look: Spruce Up Your Home With Color


A fresh coat of paint in a bright hue is an easy and inexpensive way to make any space look fresh and new. Here are a few ways to punch up your apartment or home decor with a little — or a lot — of color.

If you want to add just a little color to your space, choosing a matching (or contrasting) shade for the insides of shelving or a bookcase is a quick update that puts books, family photographs, toys, or knickknacks in the spotlight.


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When Should You Upgrade**?


Electronics and cell phones just keep getting smarter and smarter. At times it can seem impossible to keep up. What’s new today is old news tomorrow.

Today’s Smart HDTVs deliver Web content on demand. Gaming systems offer graphics so defined you feel like you’re in the thick of the action. And music technology is so clear and crisp you’ll blink twice to make sure your favorite band isn’t playing right there in your living room.

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Simple Steps to an Indoor Herb Garden

Growing herbs indoors is a great way to flex your green thumb—even if you feel like you don’t have a green thumb. Fresh rosemary, oregano, basil, and more are delicious on salads, stirred into sauces, and added to summer drinks like lemonade—and you don’t need a lot of space (or a lot of skill) to grow them. Here’s what you need to do to get started.

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How RAC Makes Our Used Products Like New


At RAC, you can purchase or rent to own new furniture, smartphones, appliances, computers, gaming systems, and more, or you can rent or purchase previously rented items that have been returned to like-new condition. We take great care with each item that’s been returned to ensure it meets our standards—and yours. Here’s how we do that.

  • Our experts start out by thoroughly inspecting and cleaning furniture pieces with detergents and fabric cleaners that are designed for the type of fabric in question. Couch cushions and sofas are vacuumed and brushed. Dents on hard surfaces are sanded down and polished. Learn more about how RAC restores preowned furniture.
  • Pre-rented appliances are professionally cleaned by Rent-A-Center. They are also inspected to make sure they are in great working condition and safe for you and yours. Restoration treatments vary by type of appliance, learn more on how we prep preowned appliances for rent.
  • Computers, laptops, and tablets are powered down and unplugged before they are cleaned with an electronics-safe solution. They are also expertly reset to their factory settings and wiped of all the previous renter’s information. Additionally, our staff ensures that computers and electronics are in good working order before putting them out on the sales floor. Learn more about how we restore computers
  • First, we make sure the TV or gaming system shows no signs of visible damage. Then, we test it out to make sure it’s in working condition. Additionally, we double check to make sure all accessories, including remotes and HDMI cables are present or accounted for. Learn more about how we restore TVs at Rent-A-Center.