5 Ways to Use Skip Money You Saved With RAC

The best things about summer include pool time, snow cones, flip flops, flowers, and free time. And now, thanks to RAC, you can add something else to that list: skip money.

This summer, when you sign a new agreement with RAC, you can skip every fifth payment until you own your product. And if you save that skip money, your stash of cash can add up quickly.

What will you do with your new green? Put your savings to good use with these great ideas.

Holiday Gift Fund
Staying focused on summer doesn’t mean you can’t think ahead. Save your skip money for a holiday gift fund to splurge on your friends and family. Incremental savings can accumulate fast!

Game Changer
Whether you’re cheering on the same team or enjoying a friendly rivalry, watching sports is one way to define family time. Save up your skip money for a new HDTV to watch the big games. (The 2018 National Football League season kicks off in September, and the 2018 Major League Baseball World Series starts in October.) 

Space Spruce-Up
Searching for that perfect accent chair or TV stand to complete your living room? Need a new laptop or tablet for the dorm or home office? Ready to replace your mattress? Save up your skip money to get those home extras you’ve had your eye on.

Experience a Night Out
Book that exclusive reservation, see that show everyone’s raving about, or go on a family adventure. Your skip money is well spent when you and your loved ones have experiences and create special memories.

Enjoy Some Extras
Dishes for your new dining room set. A plush rug for your guest room. Cozy new sheets for your bed. An expressive wall hanging for the hallway. Use your skip money on home decor and accessories that celebrate your personal style.

Your skip money goes even further at RAC when you sign up to be notified about the latest and greatest deals. Visit RAC online and in stores for the best brands in rent-to-own furniture, appliances, smartphones, computers, and electronics.